Can Bariatric Surgery Reverse Type-2 Diabetes?

As the leading form of diabetes, type-2 diabetes affects approximately 29 million Americans and can lead to serious health concerns—even death. One of the potential causes of type-2 diabetes is obesity, as excess weight can lead to insulin resistance or a poorly functioning pancreas. Fortunately, weight loss through diet and exercise or via bariatric surgery can help many individuals reduce or even eliminate type-2 diabetes.

Weight loss surgery is designed to help patients regain a healthy body weight. Additionally, the diet restrictions one must follow after a bariatric procedure emphasize healthy whole foods and limit sugar (glucose) and fat intake. Bariatric surgery may also help address type-2 diabetes by changing the way the body takes in nutrients. Techniques like gastric bypass surgery reshape the stomach so food is re-routed to the intestines. As a result, people feel full on less food, and they may also see a decrease in blood sugar levels thanks to a molecule produced in the small intestine.

If you are suffering from a combination of obesity and type-2 diabetes, our experienced weight loss surgeon can help you decide if bariatric surgery can improve your health. Talk to us today.