Bariatric Surgery for Correctional and Police Officers

a police officer watching traffic

Obesity affects people from all backgrounds and in all careers, including police and correctional officers. These dedicated civil servants have unique job responsibilities and physical duties that can be difficult to perform when carrying significant excess weight—but there are options available to them. Dr. James N. Parrish, our extensively trained bariatric surgeon, has had the privilege to help a number of individuals in law enforcement, and he’s seen how weight loss surgery can enhance their performance, confidence, and health in the long-term.

Police and correctional officers who are considering bariatric surgery should know that they are not alone. Obesity is a common condition, but it doesn’t have to be a lifelong one. Dr. Parrish sees current and aspiring law enforcement officials at his practice several times a month. It may also help to know that Federal Blue Cross—the most common insurance used for Federal correctional facilities—typically covers weight loss surgery.

Recovery following bariatric surgery is an essential part of the process, and during this period of time patients will likely have to limit some of their physical activities. Most individuals consider the outcome well worth the experience, and Dr. Parrish derives great satisfaction from helping these vital civil servants lead healthier, happier lives and become more effective in their careers.