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Lost 120 lbs

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Hi. My name is Rebecca, I’m 40yrs old, a Mother of 7, a wife to a deployed Soldier, I work full time, and I had RNY gastric bypass surgery on 8 April 2013. I am 5’9 and weighed before surgery 272.6lbs and my BMI was 40.40. My Doctor is Dr Parrish in Alexandria, Louisiana. Before surgery I did a lot of reading up on gastric bypass surgery and the sleeve surgery. When I was ready to take the next step and see a doctor who could give me more answers, Dr Parrish came highly recommended. I came with a list of questions, my Husband who asked questions, and we both ended up asking even more questions when seeing Dr Parrish. Dr Parrish listened to everything we had to ask and answered everything for us which gave me the true main answer I was searching for, to have and choose gastric bypass surgery. Day of surgery, I was a nervous wreck. Dr Parrish came and assured me of my fears and asked me if I had any more questions before going through with the surgery. Two weeks later after surgery, my first pre-op appt my weight was 252.7lbs and my BMI was 37.45 and lost 15.60% excess body weight. I lost 19.9lbs in two weeks. I was doing good and on a roll. My one month visit my weight was 235lbs and my BMI was 34.83 and had lost 29.47% excess body weight. At my 3 month check up I weighed 214.10lbs losing 58.5lbs in 3 months. My BMI was 31.73 and my excess body weight was up to 45.85%. I am at 6 months now after having the gastric bypass surgery and my current weight is at 173.2lbs. In 6 months I have lost 99.4lbs!!!! My BMI is at 26.75 with a total of 72.18% excess body weight loss. I feel amazing, I love to go clothes shopping, my self esteem is so much higher, I have energy again, and I love life again. But none of this could have happened without my doctor being Dr Parrish. He is easy to talk to, listens to everything, talks to you, and makes sure you understand everything; he is compassionate, warm, and friendly. I highly recommend Dr Parrish for your weight loss goals. I wouldn’t be where I am at today without the awesome job, dedication, and experience of Dr Parrish.