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Lost 95 lbs

With Gastric Bypass

When I started this journey twelve months ago I was nervous, I asked questions, I researched it, and of course I had the people in my ear that would tell me horror stories of someone they knew that had the surgery and had nothing good to say about it. They would tell me "just exercise", "just watch your diet", “don't take the easy way out”. How easy it is for someone who has never been through it to judge my decision. Well it was the best decision I have ever made in my life. This journey is not an easy one by any means, it is not the "easy way out". This is a life changing decision that requires determination, strong mental attitude, a will to change old habits and team work. Yes team work. When I had decided on surgery I was told that I should join a weight loss group to help with questions I may have or support in general. My mind set was "I don't need a group". Well, two weeks after surgery I was so overwhelmed with all the changes I had to make, I felt no one understood me or the journey I was on. People were scared to eat around me because I couldn't eat the way they did. I had to explain to them that they still needed to eat and I still was a mother and wife who needed to cook for her family. At that point I joined a weight loss group. Within the first 24 hours I felt my depression subsiding and finally had a place to turn for my questions, frustrations and answers that I was seeking. Of course it was frustrating to see people posting about losing so much weight and could not wait until my day came. It came and went way before I even knew it. After twelve months my acid reflux is gone, my sleep apnea is gone and I no longer have to sleep with my machine. All chances of diabetes are gone, I have tons of energy, varicose veins are gone, and I have self-esteem. Little things matter to me like being able to get up on my horse without any help from a block or step. I actually can run a half a mile without feeling like I am going to have a heart attack. I am a whole new person. In the beginning you will only be able to eat two or three bites, but over time you will be able to eat more, although you still need to keep portion control and not stretch your pouch. Within a year you are going to be a new person. There is also a critical key you need to remember as you are changing so is the life around you. But you also change, believe it or not this decision affects your whole family especially your spouse. Your spouse is used to the old heavy set you, the one with low self-esteem, the one that may have needed extra help doing things because the weight held us back. Well as you lose the weight you also lose the need to have that extra help, your self-esteem starts growing, and you’re wearing clothes that look amazing on you. These changes are hard on the spouse and they start to feel insecure about your relationship because you're not so dependent on them, they start to make comments like "you’re too skinny", “stop losing weight” (like you have a choice), at this point is when you need to really include your spouse in activities. If you start going to a gym see if they want to go with you, if you decide to do a 5k motivate them to do it with you. Most importantly educate them on the things that are changing with your weight because yes, in the beginning they are very supportive but when the weight loss really starts happening it gets just as scary for them as it is for you. Communication is the key. Most importantly join a weight loss group whether it is on line or in your community they are a great source of resources. We have one that meets once a month and we do clothes swaps since we all vary in size and you don't want to go out and buy new clothes every month so it is a way to pass along what may help someone else. Just remember this is a life changing decision, you are not going to just sit back eat what you want and lose the weight because you had or are going to have the surgery. The surgery is a tool to help you lose weight but you also need to watch what you eat, eat healthier, drink lots of water to stay hydrated, take your vitamins, exercise to tone up the loose skin that you are going to have, and use a lotion with vitamin E in it so that it helps the skin shrink back. These are not all foolproof methods but they do help. Set small goals for yourself with your exercise and before you know it you will have accomplished them and will be working on bigger ones. Within a year you are going to be a new person. There is also a critical key you need to remember- as you are changing so is the life around you. A few things to help you along the way that worked for me are: - Take a picture of yourself the day before surgery, then every month on the anniversary date of your surgery take a pic of yourself and do a side-by-side picture of you then and now. You will see a difference and it motivates you even more. - Your vitamins are your best friend, take them daily and find a routine that works for you. I take mine every morning with my coffee. - Make sure you get your protein in, some days can be harder than others but there are many ways to do it. - Keep ALL of your doctor appointments it is very important to talk to your doctor about what is going on with you. Even a year out you will still need to keep those appointments because the Dr. knows what he is doing. Good luck on your weight loss journey