The Pouch Reset: Losing Weight After Weight Gain

Have you noticed a plateau in your weight loss? Or perhaps you have even gained weight back? If your stomach has stretched following bariatric surgery, a pouch reset can help you get back on track and losing weight again. Dr. James Parrish offers this noninvasive, dietary method at our practice, and it has helped many patients complete their weight loss goals.

Following the nutritional guidelines set out by a bariatric surgeon is important to achieving your weight loss goals after surgery. If you eat more calories than are recommended on a regular basis, your stomach may eventually stretch beyond its original reduced size without the ability to contract again, slowing weight loss or leading to weight gain. A pouch reset is a type of diet, similar to the diet you followed immediately after bariatric surgery, and it typically lasts 5-7 days. It involves a severe restriction of foods and liquids, so it’s important to involve your dietitian and Dr. Parrish before beginning.

For details about how to perform a pouch reset, please view “Losing Weight After Weight Gain.” You can read the story of a patient who successfully completed this process under Dr. Parrish’s guidance, and you can find a day-by-day breakdown of foods to eat. There’s even a podcast to listen to that covers the entire experience.

For more information, or to confirm this is the right course of action for you, please contact our practice and schedule a consultation.