The Importance of Presurgical Counseling for Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery is an opportunity to dramatically change your life for the better and for the healthier. But an operation is a big step and understanding everything involved is essential to achieving success. This is part of the purpose of presurgical counseling for a bariatric procedure. At our practice, Dr. James Parrish uses weight loss seminars and consultations to help the patient become well-informed about the presurgery requirements, the procedure, and the post-surgical experience. He also utilizes this meeting to evaluate your needs, medical history, and goals. The preoperative program is comprehensive and includes an entire medical team that is dedicated to different areas, such as exercise, nutrition, and mental health.

You should try to view the presurgical counseling sessions as the chance to ask questions, get to know your medical team, and learn as much as possible about your treatment plan. By being engaged and dedicated to the process, you situate yourself to have an optimal outcome, one that lasts the rest of your life.

To find out more about the presurgical counseling and what it entails, please reach out to our friendly medical team to schedule an initial consultation. A healthier, happier you may be just a phone call away.