Medical Tourism and Bariatric Surgery: Why It’s Better to Stay Close to Home

It’s tempting to want to save money on the full cost of bariatric surgery by crossing the border for the procedure, especially when it may be possible to make a vacation out of the experience. However, patients should be wary of traveling to foreign countries for a weight loss operation.

The post-operative recovery period is essential to achieving the desired outcome and losing the most weight as safely as possible. Follow-up appointments are an important part of this process, and if you traveled out of the country for your procedure, it may be difficult or impossible for you to complete routine checkups as recommended or to receive timely care in an urgent situation.

Additionally, many individuals seek out bariatric surgery to help reduce the effects of weight-related conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, and other types of chronic diseases. Traveling while having some of these concerns may be incautious. Furthermore, these delicate conditions require regular oversight by your primary care physician and bariatric surgeon while you go through your weight loss journey.

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