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Lost 101 lbs. in 8 months lbs

With Gastric Bypass

Hi. My name is Angie! I am 44 y/o and I have 1 son and a fiance of 4 yrs. On March 13, 2019, I started my journey by having gastric bypass surgery by Dr. J. Parrish. This was the best decision I have ever made besides having my son. So far, I have lost 101 lbs. and still counting! My weight before I had the surgery was 268 lbs. I was so miserable, I couldn\\\'t even breathe, and tying my shoes was completely out of question. My health was so bad I was on 15 pills in the morning, 6 at noon, and 9 at bedtime, now I am on just 5 pills a day now. As far as my diabetes, I say \\\"What diabetes \" - it is completely gone now. I am so much happier and more satisfied with my life and my look now. The surgery has truly saved my life. All that knows me and see me tells me how nice and how different I look and I tell them about the surgery and how great Dr. Parrish is. I would most definitely recommend this life-saving tool to anyone that is interested. I had to put the work into my success and it is so worth it. Again I have to give a big thank you to Dr. Parrish and his nurses and the entire team at Mid LA Surgical Specialists. God bless you all.